Cardozo Journal
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Comparative Law

We publish articles and student notes on an array of issues such as corporate law, intellectual property, constitutional law, and human rights.

What you should know
about our team

The Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law (CJICL) (ISSN No. 1069-3181) is a law journal published three times per year by Cardozo Law students.

 CJICL’s commitment to scholarship has established it as one of the leading international law journals in the United States. We can help you with your studies or work, admission, and writing entrance exams.

What are we doing

Corporate Law

Corporate law is one of the industries we are working on. We create publications on this topic every two weeks.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is very important in the 21st century. 75% of all global enterprises exist within the network, therefore they are intellectual property.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is the holy grail on which any state and society is built.

What can we offer

Articles & Notes

Articles and notes published by us are a valuable resource and material from which you can draw information or use them as sources in your abstracts, scientific papers, research papers.

scientific research

Scientific research is a powerful potential for working in a group or alone on the most wide-ranging topics and projects. Do you think that only scientists are engaged in science? Then we are scientists of our field.

law journal

What is a legal journal. The collection of everything you can find in law school. It is a kind of a scientific guide, leading across the vastness of legal practice.

How People see us

Any lawyer knows that the more and more thoroughly you study during preparation, the easier and more reliable you feel in the so-called battle.

I found this magazine while still studying at the university, it helped me go through all the exams and for 5 years now I graduated and have been working in my specialty, but I still draw my knowledge here.


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