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We publish articles and student notes on an array of issues such as corporate law, intellectual property, constitutional law, and human rights.

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The Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law (CJICL) (ISSN No. 1069-3181) is a law journal published three times per year by Cardozo Law students.

 CJICL’s commitment to scholarship has established it as one of the leading international law journals in the United States. We can help you with your studies or work, admission, and writing entrance exams.

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Corporate Law

Corporate law is one of the industries we are working on. We create publications on this topic every two weeks.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is very important in the 21st century. 75% of all global enterprises exist within the network, therefore they are intellectual property.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional law is the holy grail on which any state and society is built.

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Articles & Notes

Articles and notes published by us are a valuable resource and material from which you can draw information or use them as sources in your abstracts, scientific papers, research papers.

scientific research

Scientific research is a powerful potential for working in a group or alone on the most wide-ranging topics and projects. Do you think that only scientists are engaged in science? Then we are scientists of our field.

law journal

What is a legal journal. The collection of everything you can find in law school. It is a kind of a scientific guide, leading across the vastness of legal practice.

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Any lawyer knows that the more and more thoroughly you study during preparation, the easier and more reliable you feel in the so-called battle.

I found this magazine while still studying at the university, it helped me go through all the exams and for 5 years now I graduated and have been working in my specialty, but I still draw my knowledge here.


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Should You Rent or Buy a Car Pros and Cons?

In recent years, renting a car has become a common way to transport yourself from one place to another. The benefits of renting include not having a financial burden on purchasing a new vehicle and being more flexible in terms of where you can pick up and drop off your rental. It depends largely on your personal preference, whether using rent to own dealerships or buying is better for you.

You have to consider whether you will use the vehicle often or not. You must also consider your plans for the future when purchasing a vehicle. If you are planning on moving frequently, there is a possibility that you will not be able to sell your vehicle easily, making it a lot less appealing to purchase one in the first place. But with these things in mind, let’s look at the pros and cons of both buying and renting a vehicle.

Buying a New Vehicle

When it comes to buying a new car, you have plenty of choices. You have large dealerships that have huge inventories that cater to the needs of consumers. You also have small independent dealerships where you can walk around and test driving options that meet your specifications.

If you have regular requirements for a vehicle, for example, if your office is located far away or you have to travel out of station regularly, then buying a new car be just for you. You can modify or alter your vehicle as per your requirements without any hesitation. At the same time, rental needs to be returned as its condition costs a lot for a regular user.

Rental Cars for Everyone

This revolutionary idea of renting a car for a few days of use has made it possible for almost everyone to get cars for their requirement. You can get a vehicle for your trip or vacation without having to invest heavily in a new vehicle. A rental service allows you to get cars for your requirement in any part of the world where these services are available with minimum charges.

If your requirement is limited to a few days only, then it is best to opt for rental services rather than buying expensive new cars. These are also beneficial for someone who spends most of their travelling in different parts of the world as they can get a vehicle anywhere now by simple renting it.

New Vs Rental Car: Final Verdict

A new car allows you to use it at your will without answering or paying a third party. Buying a new car means a long term investment as it will provide you services for years to come.

Suppose you are short on your budget or have only a short term requirement for a vehicle, then you can go with rent to own dealerships to save money while still getting your business done. These are best if you are in a new territory and want a medium to travel. But for use daily, buying a new vehicle is the ultimate option for you.

5 Signs Of Low Testosterone And How To Fix It

The definition of low testosterone varies depending on who you talk to, but generally speaking, any levels below 300 ng would be considered low. However, testosterone levels can also vary quite a bit based on your age, activity level and even the time of day. For these reasons, it is often best to meet with a doctor and get lab tested so you can see exactly what your testosterone levels are and determine if they’re in the optimal range.

Low testosterone is most commonly caused by age, physical inactivity, diet and genetics that reduce the production of endogenous testosterone within the body. However, some other factors, such as stress, can also play into this problem, so make sure you take a good look at all areas of life before making any decisions about treatment options. One of the treatment options is taking a nugenix total t testosterone supplement. But the first question comes up to mind is that Is nugenix total t safe?

Signs And Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

Five signs which you can look to see if you have a low testosterone level in the body.

  1. One of the best signs of low testosterone is excessive weight gain.  You often see weight gain in postmenopausal women and men, but in men, however, it can indicate that they have low testosterone. Obese men often have low testosterone levels as well. 
  2. Another common symptom among low testosterone men is gender confusion and discomfort. If you’re feeling sluggish and want to avoid social situations as much as possible, then you might have a problem with low testosterone. 
  3. You May Have Low Testosterone if you always feel tired and can’t seem to find the energy for regular activities like going for a run every morning. 
  4. You no longer enjoy anything like social gatherings or good food. Instead, you’ve noticed that you’re becoming increasingly irritable and impatient with those around you. 
  5. You can’t concentrate on the task at hand and find it difficult to focus on simple tasks, let alone more in-depth activities like studying for an exam or getting ahead at work.

If you recognize any of these symptoms of low testosterone, then there’s a good chance that you’re suffering from this problem. And your body isn’t producing enough testosterone to perform basic functions like feeling energetic and taking care of yourself properly.

How To Fix Low Testosterone Problems?

One of the ways to treat low testosterone problems is by taking testosterone boosters. Hormone boosting supplements are a supplement that may contain substances such as DHEA, pregnenolone, and other hormones. These supplements are used by those who feel their hormone levels are below the recommended level.  Among such testosterone boosters, one is nugenix total t, and the company claims that it is safe and helpful in increasing the level of testosterone in men.

 Unfortunately, signs of low testosterone are often overlooked. Many people in the world don’t take them seriously enough. Men can develop symptoms without any diagnosis, so you should rush to the hospital if you feel like you have low testosterone. It’s time for men to seek help for their low testosterone levels and start feeling better about them.