3/27/15 China Business Newsdid a television broadcast on class action litigations against Chinese companies that features a sit-down interview with Geoffrey Sant after the conference on class action litigations against Chinese companies. 

3/26/15 China Daily discussed the symposium on page 2, "US legal system can be a hurdle."

3/18/16 China Daily discussed the symposium on page 2, "Michael Jordan case highlights IP protection." The article quotes by name Helen Su, Jamie Underwood, Cindy Yang, Bryon Benevento, as well as Kat Bond. Also named was the Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law

3/25/15  World Journal published an article in Chinese about the symposium. The photos prominently show Cardozo Law School and the school is identified.  All of the panelists appear in the photographs accompanying the article.  Two of the panelists are quoted (Rich and Geoffrey Sant).  The article also quotes one audience member who states that he came up from Washington DC to attend our panel, as well as the comments made about the panel by a second-year Cardozo Law student identified as Jiang Xinyan. 

6/21/15 News for Chinese 在美上市中国巨头买卖好做吗?“Is it east for giant US-listed PRC companies to do business?”, featured in the cover story and quotes appear on page 6. 

Spring 2016 Symposium: Emerging Companies: From Domestic Establishment to International Expansion featured in the news: 

4/2/15 Virginian-Pilot published a story, “Question Remains: Why Did Chinese Drywall Maker Pay?” that quotes Stephen Radin and Richard Silberberg’s comments from symposium. 

Cardozo J. Int'l & Comp. L.

Spring 2015 Symposium: Chinese Companies and U.S. Class Actions: Securities Litigation and Product Liability featured in the news:

5/21/15 Beijing Review published an article, “The Cost of Doing Business,” discussing the Cardozo conference.  Stephen Radin, Kayvan Sadeghi, Richard Silberberg, Geoffrey Sant, Chris Seeger, and Charles Yablon were all quoted multiple times.  

July 17-31 Cardozo School of Law is hosting a Global Leadership in Law and Business for Non-U.S. Lawyers​.  This 2-week training in U.S. business and law is crucial for non-U.S. licensed lawyers in house or in law firms, and for their business organizations.