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Volume 24.1(Fall 2015)


Editorial Board 2015-2016


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Dedication: In Memoriam of Professor Sheri Rosenberg

By Various Contributors 

David Versus Goliath and Multilateral Diplomatic Negotiations of the 21st Century: How

the Greek Debt Crisis Negotiations Marked the Revenge of Goliath

By Avnita Lakhani 

Regional Protection of the Right to a Nationality 

By Jonathan Bialosky


A Major Smuggle Struggle: It's Time for Major League Baseball to Step Up to the Plate

and Alleviate Its Cuban Smuggling Problem

By Anna Kaminsky 

The Canadian Trademark Regime: Amendments to the Trade-Marks Act and the Threat to

Canada and the United States

By Stephane Abitbol

Volume 22.3 (Spring 2014)


When A U.S. Domestic Court Can Enjoin A Foreign Court Proceeding

By Samantha Koeninger & Richard Bales

Pondering the Politicization of Intercountry Adoption: Russia's Ban on American "Forever Families"

By Anna Jane High


The Role of the E-Book in the Library System: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. Fair Use and U.K. Fair Dealing in the E-Lending Universe

By Michelle Connelly

Big MACs: Not-so-Happy Deals and the Eurozone Crisis

By Lindsay Edelstein

Unbinding Working Women in a "Binders-Full-of-Women" Nation: How the United States can Learn from Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic Successes in Gender Pay Gap Legislation

By Lily Hall

Resident Evil: A Reformation of U.S. Civil Confinement Law

By Jessica Morak


Trends in International Mediation and Arbitration

Featuring Hagit Elul, Ank Santens, Martin Gusy & Matthew Weldon

Practitioner Insights into International Dispute Resolution

Featuring John M. Peterson, Ruth Teitelbaum, Simeon Baum, Claudia Muffetone & Russell Semmel

Volume 22.2 (Winter 2014)


The Family Responsibilities Convention Reconsidered: The Work-Family Intersection in International Law Thirty Years On

By K. Lee Adams

Using Force Against The "Weapons of the Weak": Examining A Chemical-Biological Weapons Usage Criterion for Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention under the Responsibility to Protect

By Andrew M. Bell

The Adoption of Children in Judaism and in Israel: a Conceptual and Practical Review

Mark Goldfeder

From Villa Grimaldi to Guantánamo Bay: Remedying Human Rights Abuses in Chile and the United States

By Nadia Shamsi


Asbestos Lawsuits in Russia: Bring One if You Can

By Anna Linetskaya

Biased? Prove It: Addressing Arbitrator Bias and the Merits of Implementing Broad Disclosure Standards

By Lindsay Melworm

Volume 22.1 (Fall 2013)


Frivolous Motions and Abuses of Process at the Ad Hoc International Criminal Tribunals

By Devon Whittle


Caressing the Big Fish? A Critique of ICC Trial Chamber V(a)'s Decision to Grant Ruto's Request for Excusal From Continuous Presence at Trial

By Thomas Obel Hansen


Do No Harm: the Dispute Over Access to Health Care Between Israel and the Palestinian Territories

By Emma Glazer

Dear Olympic Medalists, Thank You for Representing Our Country in the Olympics, but it's Time to Pay Up!

By Dena Guttmann

Protecting the Pachyderm: the Significance of Ivory Trade Regulation for African Elephant Conservation

By Sharon Montazeri

Not So Glamorous: Unveiling the Misrepresentation of Fashion Models' Rights as Workers in New York City

By Alexandra R. Simmerson